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Dr. Ruja Ignatova

OneCoin Founder, CEO, International Lawyer, Economist, Banker, Investment Fund Manager

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Dr. Ruja Ignatova Interview 2016-12-15

28 minute video

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Unlike other Digital Currency, there is a business-oriented company and a particular leader behind the OneCoin Digital Currency project. The founder, co-owner and Chief Executive Officer of ONECOIN LTD. is Dr. Ruja Ignatova from Bulgaria. As a public person and businesswoman, she received the title of “Business-lady of the year” of Bulgaria in years 2012 and 2014. She has a master’s degree in economics (University of Konstanz, Germany), and a doctor’s degree in law (Oxford and University of Konstanz).

Dr. Ruja Ignatova is the former Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of one of the largest asset management funds in Bulgaria, CSIF, with a portfolio worth 250 million Euros in management. She participated in the projects of Texas Pacific Group (TPG), one of the largest private equity funds in the world, and used to work for Sberbank, UniCredit, Allianz, Raiffeisen, and other financial institutions, participated in the structuring of the portfolio in the amount of 75 million Euros for the company Global Wealth Investment Funds, and advised several companies working in the industry of Digital Currency.

Dr. Ruja belongs to Mensa, and was appointed one of the youngest associate Partners with McKinsey and company. She's been featured in many magazines as an economist, including the front cover of Forbes and Financial IT. She founded ONECOIN, the only company to ever do over a billion dollars in revenue in its first year, faster than any other company in world history, and toppled Bitcoin October 1, 2016. OneCoin created 420 new millionaires in 2015. She is all over the Internet as someone who's advocating Digital Currency as the future of money.

Dr. Ruja has written two books - in German (about jurisprudence) and in Chinese (about finance).

  • Born in Sofia, Bulgaria
  • Degree in Law (M.Jur) from the University of Oxford
  • Masters Degree in Economics from the University of Konstanz
  • Ph.D. in Law from the Universities of Oxford and Konstanz, Thesis on Corporate Litigation within the European Union
  • Former Associate Partner with McKinsey & Company
  • While at McKinsey & Company, projects in
    • Corporate Banking
    • Private Equity (KKR, TPG)
    • Asset Management
    • Risk Management
    • Operating and Liquidity Risk
  • Former CEO and CFO of one of the biggest Asset Management Funds in Bulgaria –CSIF with 250 Mio Euro assets under management
  • Several projects for Texas Pacific Group (TPG), one of the biggest Private Equity Funds in the world
  • While at McKinsey worked for Sberbank, UniCredit, Allianz, Raffeisen and other financial institutions
  • In 2012 was awarded Business Woman of the Year in Bulgaria (Category International Business) and in 2014 won the big award Business Woman of the year
  • Projects with Deutsche Bank Frankfurt, setting up Russian Investment Banking operations
  • Structure and Set Up of a portfolio of 75 Mio Euro for Global Wealth Investment Funds (privately owned BVI company)
  • Consulting work for several CryptoCurrency companies
  • Published two books in English, German and Chinese named “Learning for Profit”.
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Denis R. Murdock

Empower Global Group Founder

Denis Murdock Denis R. Murdock brings 40 plus years of entrepreneurial start-up, business development and general management experience to Empower Global Group, with 30 years of concurrent experience in general management consulting and executive coaching. He was Founder and President of The Murdock Group, consulting more than 15,000 mid to upper management executive and professional clients seeking career advancement and self-employment. This is complemented by 20 years in the US Army Reserve, culminating with the rank of Major.

Denis Murdock bestselling author Denis is a published authority in the fields of career planning, job changing, sales, marketing, communications and business optimization. He is a Bestselling Author: "The Job Seeker’s Bible – Your Dream Job in Record Time" ... "The Art & Science of Success Volume 3, Proven Strategies From Today’s Leading Experts", available at Amazon.com.

He has conducted numerous training programs and seminars, been interviewed frequently by the print media, and appeared on a variety of radio and television programs. Denis is also a BYU alumnus, and has been inducted into Who's Who Worldwide, Who's Who in America, Who's Who in the West, and Who's Who in Sales and Marketing.

Currently, Denis lives in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, and is pursuing his most recent passion as a Digital Currency Consultant, helping people all over the world achieve financial freedom within 2 years with the new Digital Currency.

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